View RSS feed in Access form


Using Access 2003

I have an application on my intranet that doess RSS feeds of pages. I would like to show a specific page inside an access form.

I have tried putting the microsoft Web Browser ActiveX object in a form and setting it to point at my intranet feed using

Me.fldRSS.Navigate URL:="http://intranet/designwiki/RSS.aspx?Page=Version-1-1-Patch-Notes"

However it does not parse it and shows it in its raw xml format rather than displaying how internet explorer displays it.

Is there anything I can do to get this to display nicely?


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gardmanITAuthor Commented:
Gave up on this.. just put a link to the actual webpage instead of trying to load the RSS feed into a form window!
gardmanITAuthor Commented:
Thats actually what I used to get where I am now, it displays it but in the raw xml format with all the tags.
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