SBS Monitoring and Reporting with WSUS 3.0

We are running Small Business Server 2003 and have configured daily reports in the Monitoring and Reporting console of Server Management.

We have recently upgraded to the latest version of WSUS and since the upgrade the server monitoring report shows a warning against Update Services and details the following comment:

Windows Small Business Server (Windows SBS) Update Services is not running because it automatically turns off if you customize Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). For a list of specific settings that cause Windows SBS Update Services to turn off, see the Microsoft Web site. Even if WSUS is managing updates for your network, the accuracy of the status in the Windows SBS monitoring report or on the Update Services home page cannot be guaranteed. To use Windows SBS Update Services, reverse the changes that you have made to WSUS or reinstall Windows SBS 2003 R2.

I understand that WSUS is newer than the SBS Monitoring engine, so cannot report on its status.  So my questions are:

1.  Can the Monitoring engine be upgraded to with an awareness of WSUS 3.0?  The server is fully patched up-to-date and it has made no difference.
2.  Can the WSUS element be switched off in the report?  I have configured WSUS to report directly so there is no real need for Monitoring to report as well if it cannot do so accurately.  I'd like to remove this constant warning from the report when I know that it is functioning correctly.  I've looked within the Health Monitor console but can only find reference to monitoring the Update Services service, which I want to continue to monitor as this is monitored correctly.

Thanks in advance.
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