How do I activate a movie clip with a button in Adobe Flash CS4 (using Actionscript 2)

In Flash CS4 (Action Script 2), I would like to program a button to activate a movie clip with three parts (classic tween of a scaled symbol):

1. down: Symbol scaled or squashed
2. up: Symbol at 100% of size
3. down: Symbol back to squashed state

The catch is that I would like to have the up or down state of the orange flag remain while I navigate the timeline to other frames so that I may return later to find my animation at the same state I left it in. Again, I would like to do this in Action Script 2.

PLEASE HELP. I'm confused and desperate!

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najhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you really need to have your existing movie-clip inside a second controlling one.  The controlling one can move the one underneath and can contain the orange button too.  This way you can do whatever you want to the orange button without it being affected by the "timeline" movie-clip.  Does this make sense?
rbakereuAuthor Commented:
Didn't make sense at first. But after much trial and . Although I am grateful for this solution and I know everyone's busy, an enclosed example would have really helped.
I'm glad if it's helped in the end.  Sorry if it wasn't clear enough.  This is not a defence of being vague but merely a comment to help in future: when providing answers it's often difficult to know exactly which part won't make sense, so it's difficult to know exactly which part to elaborate on.  In the past I've experienced giving a detailed reply only to discover that it was another bit they really didn't understand and on other occasions I've spent ages teaching grannies to suck eggs (pardon the expression).  So what I'm trying to say is that you should always feel free to comment back right away if you want people to elaborate a bit on some point you don't get - usually people will be more than happy to help.  The nature of most people on here is that we're problem solvers and love to get to the heart of an issue.  :o)
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