Notes HTML signature - can't add images?


I've located and edited the current .html file that's used to show my signature when I send out emails. Everything seems to be working besides when I add an (icon) image at the end of my signature. Do I need specify my <img> some speciel way before it will work?

See my simple HTML signature below:
Name<br />
Company<br />
Adress<br />
<img src="" alt="Company name" />

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Bill-HansonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I recommend placing the image file in tha same folder as the html file.  That is what I do (programatically) for our users.  Also, it is a good idea to use well formatted html as the previous expert suggests.

Here's a sample of my signature:
<html><body link="#264078" alink="#264078" vlink="#264078">
<div style="color:#264078; font-family:arial; font-size:9pt;"><br>
<div style="color:#264078; font-family:arial; font-size:10pt; font-weight:bold;"><hr>Bill Hanson</div>
Lotus Notes Developer<br>
<img src="logo.gif" />

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Gurvinder Pal SinghCommented:
See this example

Also read this link

This is a paragraph displayed before the picture.
<img src="" 
	alt="my picture">
This is a caption for the picture.
This is a paragraph displayed after the picture.

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mrsamAuthor Commented:
Ny code snuppet was a bit lackfull - i did actually use correct/semantic html.
What im experiencing is (This is the same regardless if i place my image locally or externally)
When i compose my Email in notes, i just get a Red cross - fair enough.
When i send an Email to myself i would expect to get the image with a Red cross - but i just dont get anything.
Ive tried sending an Email to hotmail and gmail, with Same result. I don't see any images in signature. Not even a broken one.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Which Notes version do you have? In  Notes R8+ you have the possibility to create a signature inside the mail database, as Rich Text.
mrsamAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the typos above, wrote it from my mobile :)

Ill check up on the version tomorrow, but im pretty sure its an old version.
mrsamAuthor Commented:

I've got release version 8.01. Still haven't figured this out yet.
I even tried copy pasting your example Bill-Hanson - just with the same result.
Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
You can store the graphic in your Signature. See the attached picture.
mrsamAuthor Commented:
Hey f_bosman,

I just tried going to the tabs you're showing, but it seems that I don't have access to them.
At the bottom, I get "NOTE: Your administrator has disabled some preferences" - it's a globally controlled thing in our company, so sadly nothing to do about it. So pretty much given up on getting this to work :)

I'll let this topic stay open for a day in case someone has something to say :)
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Don't be afraid to contact your Admin. After all, he might be human...  ;-)
mrsamAuthor Commented:
Hehe I might try :) Thanks for all the responses!
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