Windows 7 -- Network Icons vanish?


I got an annoying problem, perhaps you can help me. I got a computer running Windows 7. On my desktop i got a few icons. Many of them are shortcuts to documents and locations on my company network.

However, Windows occasionally removes ALL icons pointing to network locations. It likes to do that if I wake up the computer from stand-by. All icons pointing to programs and documents on my workstation, not on the network remain behind, everything pointing to a network location gets deleted.

What's up with that? Is that some kind of odd new feature? How can I delete it?

Rebooting does not help, the icons get deleted permanently, and I need to recreate and rearrange them on my desktop again and again. That's terribly annoying!

Thanks in advance!
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CoronatusConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Oh well... I found the solution myself.

There is a task running regularly that does all the system maintenance. This task also checks the desktop for "broken links" and deletes them. However, this process is currently broken and buggy, therefore all shortcuts to network locations get deleted.

Microsoft advises to disable the task if this poses too much of a problem (which apparently is the case in corporate environments where desktops are usually stuffed with shortcuts to various network servers).

1. Open Control Panel > System and Security > Fix and Find Problems > Run Maintenance Tasks.
2. Click on the "Advanced" link and untick "Apply repairs automatically", then click "Next" to start the scan.
3. When the scan is finished, Click on "View Detailed Information" to see what it would have done to your system if it had applied the repairs automatically.
4. Click on "Broken Shortcuts" for a list of things it plans to remove.
5. Obviously cancel now rather than running the delete operation.

Buggy! This is a serious thing, it makes Windows 7 unusable in corporate environments!

If you want to prevent that from happening, disable the task "Microsoft Windows Diagnosis" in the Task Scheduler. The task does a WHOLE lot more to your system then just (trying to) clean up your desktop but unless this gets fixed, disabling it is the only option.
CoronatusAuthor Commented:
Hey senad,

I checked out the link, it is really similar. However, the problem in the link was concerning a broken shortcut due to UUID issues (office does that at times, I know it can be bypassed by making a direct link to the corresponding executable file).

My problem is not related to that case though. Windows 7 seems to come with some sort of "bad-shortcut" checker that automatically deletes shortcuts to non-existant network locations. Plus, I personally believe this check mechanism reacts faster than the computer reestablishes the network connections upon returning from hibernation or standby.

But, this is my personal assumption only. I got no way to proove it and quite frankly I do not care either. I just want my icons to stay in place. ;)
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try renaming them...
little stupid but ....also right click on your desktop-view-make sure Show Desktop Icons is selected....
also,how many icons do you have ?
500 is max I think....
CoronatusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments!

1. I did rename the icons. It still didn't help though!

2. Showing desktop items is activated!

3. I only got 10 icons on my desktop, about 7 of those link to network locations.
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