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CruiseControl.Net: Build .SLN files with projects that have project references (not dll references) of other projects within the same solution


I am currently in the process of setting up Cruise Control.Net for the projects in my company. I am inclined towards using MSBUILD tasks for my .sln builds. I have some doubts/questions regarding the implementation.

I have a master solution file that contains all the projects. Each of these projects has 'project references' set to other projects within the same solution. for e.g:

Project A (independent)
Project B (depends on Project A and has a Project Reference to Proj A)
Project C (depends on Project B and Project A and has project refernce to both projects)
and so on.

My first question is pretty straight forward (and pardon my ignorance since i am a noob in this field):

Can this setup work? Can i have CCNet build my projects that have other projects set as project refernces?

The other question is:

What is the most recommended setup in such a scenario?

Here is what I had in mind:

a) Each project (which can be built independently) will have its own solution file which will have that project and all the projects it depends on. For e.g.:
To build project C independently, a solution would be created that would contain Project A,B and C. Project C will have project references set for project A and B

b) For the master build, everything would be a part of the same solution with various .csprojs having project references set to other projects.

Please advise.
1 Solution
psychedelicNerdAuthor Commented:
I have the answer, The setup works. However, please feel free to suggest any other approaches.

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