How to set it up so that an internal website called accessible from both inside the network and outside the network using the same address

I created a site on my IIS box called helloworld.
The DNS name for that public IP is
When users INSIDE my network try to go to that address they can't reach it.
When they are outside the network it works fine.
I know i could use DNS hosts to resolve the issue if the site was (the prefix) but I don't know how to alias it if it's the SUFFIX that is different (if that makes sense).
I'm already hosting web sites on this box.
I don't want to lease an additional IP address.
My firewall has NAT capabilities which I have used for HTTP, SSL, FTP, RDP, etc.
I hope this question makes sense!  Please ask more questions if i have not provided enough info.
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DNS only resolves host names, not directory names.

You need to add host headers to the IIS server if you have multiple sites:

and then set the default directory for your company site.
Create a Host (A) record in your internal DNS server that points to the internal address.  Let's say the internal address of the web server was  Just create a Host record using that address.  You can also create a WWW Host record that points to the same address.

casco32Author Commented:
that is what i tried but it automatically puts in the FQDN.
I want the site to be
but as you can see in the atatched doc i can't put anything after the FQDN because it is filled out automatically.

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