Tlearn Installation

Hello Everyone,

I would like to install Tlearn on Ubuntu 9.10. I tried ubuntu software center, but it could not find Tlearn. I think I have to install this software manually. In other words, How can I install Tlearn by using the console?

The source address of software:

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Fabio MarzoccaConnect With a Mentor FreelancerCommented:
It looks like binaries are available only for Windows and Mac. You can try compiling the source unix code:
This is from the readme file:

   1. Check compiler flags in Makefile and modify if you wish
    2. Edit Makefile so that the location of the exponential look-up
       table is appropriate for your system. E.g.:
    3. do "make clean" followed by "make exp"
    4. move tlearn binary by hand into directory of choice
    5. copy the documentation "tlearn.1" into appropriate manual directory
DelidumrulAuthor Commented:
when I use "make clean" code in console, I get the following error message;

rm -f activate.o arrays.o compute.o parse.o subs.o tlearn.o update.o weights.o tlearn core

How I can fix this error?

Fabio MarzoccaFreelancerCommented:
That's not an error... It is the command to remove pre-existing compilation, but if you have never compiled, it is normal that it don't find the objects. You can disregard this .
DelidumrulAuthor Commented:
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