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Exchange services locking up SBS 2003 server

I recently deployed a SBS 2003 server primarily as an Exchange server and it is also the F&P server.  It worked like a champ for 17 days then it started locking up.  By locking up I mean the system is entirely frozen, mouse won't move, keyboard doesn't repsond to CTL+ALT+DEL, HDD stops all activity.  I rebooted the machine by holding down the power button and restarted it.  It hangs on "applying computer settings" and the mouse would lock up.  At the same time I started receiving e-mail from the server that it had recovered from an unexpected shutdown.  I restarted the server again without the network cable plugged in and was able to log into the desktop.  I plugged the NIC back in and it ran fine for 24 hours and started locking up again.  Now it locks up the instant you plug in the NIC.  If I disable the Exchange Management, Exchange Routing Engine and Exchange System Attendant services the machine will stay up, get on the internet, run Windows updates, get AV updates, serve it's F&P functions with no problems.  I can't find any errors pertaining to these lockups in the system logs and I am stumped.  Is there anyway to repair these services?
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you can go to Start > Setting > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer , in there , you might see some informaiton for the server status.

Hope this help.
Glen KnightCommented:
Have you tried a different NIC?

Also if it's recently deployed do you have all the latest service packs for both Windows/SBS/Exchange?
vgeekAuthor Commented:
yes, she's got all of the current Windows Updates.  The NIC we were using was a PCIe NIC so I switched to the onboard Broadcom 10/100/1000 card and got the same results.  I then installed a USB 10/100 card and tried that all with the same results.  As for the event viewer, I have gone over the system and applications logs and haven't seen anything applicable.  All the messages in the logs are just normal messages.  Log Files are attached.
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vgeekAuthor Commented:
sorry, here are the rest of the log files if anyone wants to see if there is something important I missed.
Glen KnightCommented:
Do you have any spam software/antivirus software installed?
if so can you remove it then re-apply SP2 for Exchange and see if you get the same problem.
Primary reason for these problems is third party software. As indicated above, AV and Antispam are the usual culprits. Due to the way they integrate in to Exchange, a badly behaving AV product can cause store.exe to chew all of the resources. While it will do this on its own anyway, in a correct functioning system it will give the resources back when they are required. In this case it is not.

vgeekAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Uninstalling VIPRE, running SP2 for Exchange 2003 did the trick.

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