Exchange services locking up SBS 2003 server

I recently deployed a SBS 2003 server primarily as an Exchange server and it is also the F&P server.  It worked like a champ for 17 days then it started locking up.  By locking up I mean the system is entirely frozen, mouse won't move, keyboard doesn't repsond to CTL+ALT+DEL, HDD stops all activity.  I rebooted the machine by holding down the power button and restarted it.  It hangs on "applying computer settings" and the mouse would lock up.  At the same time I started receiving e-mail from the server that it had recovered from an unexpected shutdown.  I restarted the server again without the network cable plugged in and was able to log into the desktop.  I plugged the NIC back in and it ran fine for 24 hours and started locking up again.  Now it locks up the instant you plug in the NIC.  If I disable the Exchange Management, Exchange Routing Engine and Exchange System Attendant services the machine will stay up, get on the internet, run Windows updates, get AV updates, serve it's F&P functions with no problems.  I can't find any errors pertaining to these lockups in the system logs and I am stumped.  Is there anyway to repair these services?
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have any spam software/antivirus software installed?
if so can you remove it then re-apply SP2 for Exchange and see if you get the same problem.
you can go to Start > Setting > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer , in there , you might see some informaiton for the server status.

Hope this help.
Glen KnightCommented:
Have you tried a different NIC?

Also if it's recently deployed do you have all the latest service packs for both Windows/SBS/Exchange?
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vgeekAuthor Commented:
yes, she's got all of the current Windows Updates.  The NIC we were using was a PCIe NIC so I switched to the onboard Broadcom 10/100/1000 card and got the same results.  I then installed a USB 10/100 card and tried that all with the same results.  As for the event viewer, I have gone over the system and applications logs and haven't seen anything applicable.  All the messages in the logs are just normal messages.  Log Files are attached.
vgeekAuthor Commented:
sorry, here are the rest of the log files if anyone wants to see if there is something important I missed.
Primary reason for these problems is third party software. As indicated above, AV and Antispam are the usual culprits. Due to the way they integrate in to Exchange, a badly behaving AV product can cause store.exe to chew all of the resources. While it will do this on its own anyway, in a correct functioning system it will give the resources back when they are required. In this case it is not.

vgeekAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Uninstalling VIPRE, running SP2 for Exchange 2003 did the trick.
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