Does anyone have hands-on experience with AutomatedQA's TestComplete 7 Tool?

I am evaluating AutomatedQA's TestComplete 7 product and am curious if others out there can provide me with their experiences, feedback, etc...

Many thanks!
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doby48Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What types of tests are you looking to perform and what is your technical skill level? I have found that TestComplete is very versatile and has been one of the best for functional (UI) testing as well as web testing. You can test a range of applications There is a full featured script editor but this app is not for someone without a dev background, unless you intend to have a dev help write scripts. Once the scripts are written then anyone who can read code can easily modify them. One thing that TestComplete has done well for my specific instance is the ability to call functions that reside in .dlls. I had an app that I was trying to test a couple years back and the apps I was using at the time returned the error of the specific .dll that was reporting the problem but I couldn't find where it was called from. Test complete is flexible in how it handles errors as well. You can set it to stop on error or continue through errors to view the log, or you can even set it to pause before each line of your script is executed.

Here is techpaper with some features of the product, keep in mind it is written by the developer of TestComplete but does give a good idea of what it can (or should be able to) do.
Initial ticket was looking for people with experience with a product and I provided feedback. Now follow-up on my questions, but I believe points should be awarded as the question posed was answered.
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