Connecting to MySQL from SSAS 2008 Project

I am trying to connect to MySQL database from an SSAS 2008 project using MySql.Data.MySqlClient (MySQL Connector Net 6.1.2). I am able to create a datasource pointing to the MySQL database in BIDS successfully. But when I try to create a DSV based on that datasource by including a table from the underlying MySQL database, I am getting the attached error. Can someone please let me know the reason for this issue?
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EmesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
are you able to to export data from MySQL to flat csv file, and then load into the partitioned cube
Are You using  OLEDB or  ODBC.  try ODBC

this may also help you

Srinivas_VengalaAuthor Commented:
SSAS 2008 Supports only OLEDB and dotNet providers. I can't use ODBC.
Srinivas_VengalaAuthor Commented:
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