How do can I figure out which groups a person belongs to if I already deleted the person document?

I deleted a person before I checked the groups to which the person belonged to.  I am now readding the person and have no idea which groups the person was in.

Thank you.
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akhafafConnect With a Mentor Commented:
     Hi there jvutechnc,,,

In this case the only thing to do is that you search for any backup of an old Names.nsf before this user was deleted and you can get the groups from there .

I really dont want to be funny but if you are readding him you can :

-either you contact him directly and ask him
-or check one of his office colleages and see which groups was his colleage added to and add him ( it could be little bit embaresing )

Best Wishes

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
There's a button in the Groups view called Find Group Member. Try it.

Otherwise, the fastest way probably is to enable full-text search on the directory, and then to search for his name.
jvutechncAuthor Commented:

But I had deleted the person, which removes the person from the groups they were a member of.  Now I don't know which groups they were in.
Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
AH, indeed, if the groups have already been modified. I hoped you removed only the Person document from the directory (which isn't the proper way), but if Adminp already adapted all groups...

As Akhafaf says, try a backup of the names.nsf. Attention: do NOT restore it in the Notes data tree! Use a workstation and disable replication before you restore the database.
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