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Java 3d surface charts

I am looking for a quality implementation of Java 3d surface charts. So far I tested a few but they all have issues making them useless for me:

1. Chart FX - the surface charts are not real surface charts (the 3rd dimension is actually calculated from stacked 2d charts)
2. TeeCharts - those look good, but the performance of 3d charts is poor
3. Matlab charts - these are best, but they can't be integrated into JFrame (the picture can be integrated but the interactivity - rotating the chart - doesnt seem to be possible).

The basic functionality I need is the 3d chart to be interactive - the user should rotate it and it should perform fast. I guess there should be some JOGL implementation behind it or somehting like that.

Anyone knows of such a library?

Dejan Pažin
Dejan Pažin
1 Solution
Tomas Helgi JohannssonCommented:

Have you looked at any of these open source chart libraries ?

Other Chart examples (including 3D)

Hope this helps.

   Tomas Helgi
Dejan PažinAuthor Commented:


the JMSL looks promising, I have to try it out (not easy to download the demo).


I appreciate the help, but anohter list of chart libraries is not what I need. A Java 3d charting library using JOGL or some other 3d accelerator is what I am after.

Is there noone who is already using such a library? I'd really appreciate first hand experience.

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Are you sure Matlab figures cannot be integrated into JFrame? I personally haven't done that, but may look into this direction.
Dejan PažinAuthor Commented:

We are testing the Matlab. What we managed to do, is have a picture of the chart in Java. But we were not able to integrate the interactive 3d chart into our application.

If there is a way to integrate Matlab 3d chart with all the functionality on a JPanel, that would be great.
Jalpa KotakCommented:
Dejan PažinAuthor Commented:


We found a few libraries utilizing 3d surface charts using JOGL::

1. Visual Numerics (http://www.vni.com/): good, expensive
2. OpenViz (http://www.openviz.com/): good, expensive
3. Matlab: cant integrate into our Swing application (that was the answer from the matlab)
4. Jzy3d (http://code.google.com/p/jzy3d/): open source 3d surface charts, simple to use - most probably our choice

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