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Can I Use a SonicWall PRO2040 in Place of a Cisco Router

I am moving from a managed bonded T-1 configuration over to an unmanaged 10Mbps fiber Ethernet configuration from AT&T.  I was originally told that I would not need a router and if I had a Layer 3 device I could connect directly to the AT&T fiber NIT.  I was given two IP blocks from AT&T.  The first had a /30 CIDR, which I know would go on the WAN side facing the fiber NIT.  The other block is a /27 CIDR which would go on the LAN facing my SonicWall PRO2040 firewall.  I need to be able to NAT the second  /27 CIDR public LAN IP block across to internal private 10.10.x.x addresses on my LAN behind my firewall.

So here is my question.  Can I use the SonicWall PRO2040 to work in place of a Cisco router, configure it with the two IP blocks from AT&T, and then still NAT the second /27 CIDR block over to my internal private LAN 10.10.x.x addresses?  Im thinking I would have to upgrade my PRO2040 to the enhanced software to do any kind of fancy routing through it.  My main objective is to try and avoid spending a chunk of money on a router if I can use my SonicWall to accomplish this task.
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You can but i would suggest a NSA240 instead i have one and it is very easy to setup maintain and include content filtering AV IDS VPN and much more.
upgrading the fireware is not hard though for the pro2040 give it a try first for cost justification.
paper on nsa 240
cost on nsa 240 is about 1000 plus any addon you want. i paid about 1500 and am very happy.
The PRO2040 will handle that just fine - however Stressless is correct.  The PRO series is now a few years old and no longer developed (although still supported).  The new NSA range is far superior in power, options and security.  The NSA 240 is not rack mountable however.  If you need this then the NSA2400 is the replacement for you.
thiggy65Author Commented:
Thanks guys.  I guess what I should have asked was "how do you configure the sonicwall?".  You answered my question as posted.  Thanks for you help.

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