HP LeftHand SAN, how do I get the snapshots off of it?

I can't find a way to do this through their UI. How do I get snapshots off the SAN to another network appliance?
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That is correct. You cannot directly snap the data to a SAN out-side the LeftHand array.
You can't write snapshots directly to an external SAN from LeftHand... but you can take the local snap, and then copy/backup the data from the snap to the external SAN.

Excerpt from LeftHand User Manual:
"Backups are typically stored on different physical devices or
tapes. Snapshots are stored on the same cluster as the volume.
Therefore, snapshots protect against data deletion, but not device
or storage media failure. Use snapshots along with backups to
improve your overall data backup strategy."
ApexCoAuthor Commented:
And I assume the only way to move that snapshot off of the LeftHand is to connect it to a server and then script the copy from there?
"To mount the snapshot on a host
1. Create an authentication group for the client that you want to
mount the snapshot on. See Creating an Authentication
Group on page 417.
2. Create a volume list for the snapshot, and configure the
snapshot for read/write access. See Creating a Volume List
on page 427.
3. Configure client access to the snapshot volume. Client
Access Using iSCSI on page 409
When you have mounted the snapshot on a host, you can do the
À‡ Recover individual files or folders and restore to an alternate
À‡ Use the data for data mining or for creating backups"
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