I have a strange issue. When I open GPMC there is a setting to redirect a users favorites file to a specific location. This location is wrong and needs to be changed. When I click edit and it opens gpedit for me I scroll down to that setting and it does not exist. The folder is empty. Please see screen shot to confirm.

Any help is appreciated.

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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This would normally be configured under Windows Settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance > URL's

The folder you are looking at doesn't exist on my Group Policies so it must be a custom ADM, if you right click on Administrative Templates then select Add/Remove Templates are there any templates listed?
If so what are they called?
With Administrative Templates selected in the left pane, choose View > Filter, uncheck "Show only policies that can be fully managed".
Note that this policy is what Microsoft calls "Branding", "Tattooing" or "Preferred Setting", not a "real" policy, as it writes outside the Policies keys. Settings configured like this will remain active even after the GPO is deleted, just as if you'd changed the registry manually.
patrick_ewenAuthor Commented:
You were on the right track.
"This would normally be configured under Windows Settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance > URL's"
This is where you would set the sites that you want to show up in favorites but not where to store the favorites.

The custom ADM is what did it. The reason that it did not show up in GPEDIT is that I had not unchecked "Only show policies that can be fully managed" Once I did that, I could change the setting.

Here is a link to the custom ADM and a very thorough explanation of using it.

Many Thanks to Windomaker.
patrick_ewenAuthor Commented:
Thanks oBdA, but you were just a bit late for the points. I wish I had seen your post sooner because I had to also figure out that removing the ADM did not change the setting.
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