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We have 1 domain controller 2 other member domain controllers.
The main dc will replicate settings to other domain controllers.

My question, how can I restrict exchange server to talk to one of the domain controllers not anyone of them?

Thank you
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Pretty simple.

For Exchange 2000 / Exchange 2003
To manually create a topology for Directory Access
1.In Exchange System Manager, right-click an Exchange server, and then select Properties.
2.On the Directory Access tab, in the Show list, select the type of servers that you want to view.
You cannot clear the Automatically discover servers check box if you select All Domain Controllers in the Show list.  
3.Clear the Automatically discover servers check box.
This action clears the current list of servers.
By default, DSAccess automatically discovers servers. It is strongly recommended that you keep this setting.  
4.Click Add to add servers to the topology, or click Remove to remove servers from the topology.

For Exchange 2007
Run the following command from Exchange Management Shell.
Set-ExchangeServer -Identity <Nmae of Exch Server> -StaticConfigDomainController < FQDN of the DC> -StaticDomainControllers <FQDN of DC> -StaticGlobalCatalogs <FQDN of GC>
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Thank you
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