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I've created a Custom Report in MS CRM 4.0 using the Report Wizard. I had to export this report in Excel and make a pivot table. So far so good. It was easy.

My goal is to create a pivot table that would update itself everytime data is changed in CRM. The CRM to Excel update functionality won't work. What would the best option? Recored a macro? VB code? Any other options?

Please note that pivot table data is not coming direct from CRM. Its first being printed in a report and then exported to excel.
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Jeff WightConnect With a Mentor Business Solutions ManagerCommented:
Do you have to generate the data in a Report?  Could you use Advanced Find to get at the data instead?  If so, then Advanced Find has the ability to export to a dynamic excel sheet that updates automatically.  You can then create your pivot table from there.

Another option if you are comfortable with DSNs and sql is to create an sql script that assembles the data for you and then use the External Data/MS Query type functionality in Excel to pull the data in.  You can even do this as the source for your pivot table without going to tabular data first.
CRM_GuruAuthor Commented:
Advanced Find works for me, Thanks!
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