WSS Alerts are sometimes delayed

WSS - My users are signed up for alerts for all changes.  When a new item is added they usually get the alert right away, but sometimes it's delayed.  When an item is changed, sometimes the alert is delayed for up to five minutes.

Can someone help me correct this.  We have SharePoint WSS and Outlook 2003.

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liebrandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is the intended behavior. When it comes to alerts, immediate does not mean immediate. It really means 5-10 minutes.
rmiconeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can get alerts down to 1 minute, which is almost instantaneous, but it involves using the stsadm command line utility to configure a custom timer job...

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There are two commands by which you can achieve this very easily:-

   1. Finding the default time of the timer job, the delay in sending mails could be due to the default timing of the timer jobs which is by default 5 minutes.
          * stsadm o getproperty pn job-immediate-alerts url http://yoursharepointsiteurl:yourportno
   2. Decreasing the default time of the timer job to 1 minute.
          * stsadm o setproperty pn job-immediate-alerts url http://yoursharepointsiteurl:yourportno pv every 1 minutes
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