How to auto-launch a midlet with SMS

We have a midlet runing on a Samsung m580.
It is J2ME
We are trying to start the midlet remotely by sending a text message to the phoneusing the JSR120 protocol.

It works, but causes the phone to prompt the user for permission to start.  This is a problem since the user is not always available to interact with the phone.

Is there a way to configure the midlet so that either

1) it does not require user approval
2) it asks only th first time it is lauched-"Allow ALways"-then does not ask each time it launches.

One consultant thought the jad file of hthe midlet could be modified to allow text message coming in on a port (16555) to launch without asking permission.

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deeppraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Refer the below tutorial for lanching the Midlet using SMS API provided in MIDP 2.0 Profile,

And also if you sign your midlet then it wont ask the user permission when ever your midlet starts automatically, Please find the below tutorial regarding signing MIdlet
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