Missing most of my AutoPlay options in Windows Vista Ultimate

When I insert an SD card into my all-in-one printer, it comes up and does the AutoPlay like it supposed to. However, the only option there is it open it a view the contents. It doesn't give me any other options like it used to. Is there any way of fixing this or a patch for this?
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Jackie ManCommented:
You need to download a Vista Recovery Disk or use your Vista Setup Disk to start your PC and launch system restore to go back to a restore point when there was no problem.

URL: http://www.vistax64.com/general-discussion/146356-download-vista-recovery-console.html

When a problem appears in Vista and there are no clues from google, it seems to me the last resort is to use system restore as Vista is much better in system restore than the system restore in XP. System Restore in Vista is just like a time machine to go back to the exact state when the problem does not exist. But the drawback is that it consumes a lot of hard disk apace and it will restore the applications that you have removed and old version of document on desktop,

So, before your use System Restore, make sure all user data has been properly backup as it is just too powerful if Vista thinks that the path you stored your data is part of the system folders.

In a nutshell, System Restore can reduce the time of troubleshooting (except the problem is caused by hardware failure) but it must be used with due care.
I'd be looking at the driver for the printer...   most likely Vista installed a "generic" driver that didn't contain all the whistles and bells that you used to have.
BTW:  it's also possible that the vendor might not have "full" drivers for Vista...  it's sad, but a lot of printer manufacturers want you to buy another printer instead of updated their drivers
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