Why does Dell Latitude D630 not recognize PCI Device and Network Controller Driver from install disk?

I have installed all the driver from Dell back onto the new Windows install. Most of the drivers worked just fine except the PCI Device driver and the Network Controller Driver.  I attached a screen shot of all steps taken, as well as went to dell's driver site and downloaded others in the same category.  I also have two versions of the Dell Resource CD, and have looked through both Revisions and found nothing.
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Looking at your screenshot, it seems that one of the network adapters installed correctly. Most likely the Ethernet driver. The other one is probably the wireless driver.
As for the PCI device, you probably need to install the Chipset drivers.
For both, I would recommend that you connect to the http://support.dell.com and download the drivers directly from the Dell website.
Just to clarify, I know you mentioned in your post that you've already downloaded from the Dell website....
What I'm suggesting is that you go through the drivers on the website one by one, it won't allow you to install the incorrect drivers.
Dano13Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply, but I have tried the one by one install, and the check marks mean those are related to my system, so I was showing which ones I downloaded. The rest of the list shown is just what is on the driver disk from dell. The Chipset drivers were installed first, and I attempted to install them again at the end, restarting everytime. The network driver is not recognized, despite the things installed.
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Do you know which network adapter is the one that is working.....? It is showing green on the device manager screenshot.
I have installed this model many times and used and not used at different times the driver disk from Dell (depending on the customer having it available or not)..... If I've learned one thing is that the driver disk is very unreliable..... This is why I was advising on the installation from the website directly as a better alternative.....
This said, for all we know you could have a bad network adapter card (I am almost sure that the one not being recognized is the WiFi)...... af for the PCI device, usually when you install all, it will be picked up.....
Another option would be to run the Windows Updates...... once they start coming in, they are very good at picking up on missing drivers.....
Lastly, if you right click on the devices that are showing with the Yellow Warning (the missing ones) ..... in the properties you will find they contain a line that reads something like PCI/Ven ....... followed buy a list of numbers: the numbers that follow the word VEN_ are the Vendor ID. Next you will see the &DEV_ , the numbers that follow are the Device Id ... you can use these numbers to search for the correct device at :
Dano13Author Commented:
This computer has a known working network adapter, as it was merely wiped from a previous user, I cannot see the driver details, because it shows no driver installed.   The working net adapters are 1394 Net Adapter, Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller, and our VPN client, Cisco Systems VPN Adapter.  

The Windows updates would help, but the network controller driver is missing, so I cannot get on the internet until that driver is recognized
You are not looking for the drivers details..... you are looking for the Hardware ID's.
The Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller should allow you to connect? This is the Ethernet Adapter and it confirms to me that the missing one is the WiFi Adapter. If it was "Known working" it should be working now as you mention above......
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Forget your resource CD -- the drivers on Dell's site are likely more up-to-date.

Expand "Network adapters" in Device Manager to confirm which driver you already have installed -- as bitsbytesandmore noted above it's most likely the wired version.

Assuming that's the case, you simply need to install the appropriate wireless adapter.    There are 10 network-related downloads on Dell's site ... the first 3 are related to the wired adapter;  the next 7 are for various wireless options.   The 7th download seems the more likely, but it won't hurt to try each of them.

As for the PCI device -- have you installed the touchpad driver?   (Listed under "Input Device Drivers")

I presume you've already downloaded most of these, but just in case, here's a direct link to the Latitude D630 downloads:

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Dano13Author Commented:
Issue resolved, there was a certain order in which windows wanted to install the drivers.
This is sooo unfair at so many levels. Next time I will sumarize the other user's answers to see how it goes.
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