Permission Denied 'CreateObject' with FoxPro COM+ component


Ok. after googling and reading for hours i give up.

I made a new fresh installation in my server. I have Windows 2003 R2. IIS 6. I also have a component, which is a FoxPro component registered in my Component Manager Console. I set the permissions in my IIS and COM+ Group to the same domain user which has Administrator rights. I gave to this user full rights in this computer.

In my ASP page (global.asa) y have in line 19 a CreateObject for this COM+ component. The funny this is that before this line i have other CreateObjects for other components and they work perfectly fine. The page displays OK when i comment out this line but it throws that error if i set it back uncommented.

I open the component from Visual FoxPro and it works fine. The datafiles were in another computer... i moved them to local for the sake of testing. still isnt working.

I would really appreciate your help. I am giving away 500 points :)

Thank you
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CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data ScientistCommented:
You need to give your component access to the data folder as well in IIS to IWAM and IUSER: read and/or write depending on what you need.
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