NETUSE Command, Sharing LPT ports

I have a printer sharing problem in our office.  We have tractor feed printers that operate via an LPT port.

To preempt some suggestions:

(I'm out of ethernet connections so I can't do a print server)

(We need the "local" LPT port so some DOS programs we use, but are replacing in the distant future,  require it.)

(I understand the inconvience of having to have the host (directly connected) computer on the print from another.)

I am running into an issue sharing a printer through using a netuse script.

net use lpt2 /del
net use lpt2 \\wks-0024\epsonlq-1 /persiStent:yes
net use lpt3 /del
net use lpt3 \\WKS-0060\epsonlq-2 /persiStent:yes

The wierd part is I am able to share the printer (wks-0024) with one computer but not the other (WKS-0060).

When I run the script this is the error message I get:

C:\>net use lpt2 /del
lpt2 was deleted successfully.

C:\>net use lpt2 \\wks-0024\epsonlq-2 /persiStent:yes
The command completed successfully.

C:\>net use lpt3 /del
The network connection could not be found.

More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2250.

C:\>net use lpt3 \\wks-0060\epsonlq-1 /persiStent:yes
System error 1396 has occurred.

Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect.

Any ideas?

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technofileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was actually thinkinig about you about that. It is quite possible that the IRQ's are double booked  in windows or mem slots are. That is why I wanted you to make sure you can print something in windows from another computer through a normal share because this will help test wether it is set up right, and also if the pinter was working.

Ok  there is no reason that you need to use LPT3 on the wks-0052 because that is the net use part, what does your net use say when type net use on 0052?
You either have some typo's in your question or some logic faults.
What is the name of the printer share on wks-0024?
What is the name of  the printer share on wks-0060?
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ClaudeWalkerAuthor Commented:
epsonlq-2 for the wks-0024
epsonlq-1 for the WKS-0060
in normal windows i would try connecting to the printer that is failing because and try printing something from notepad because the error is a basic connection error like you might not have privlages from wherever you are trying to print from
why are you not using lpt1 and lpt1?
I would also go to a printer in windows right click go to properties select the ports tab and make sure that both your computer has an LPT3 as a port and that nothing is on it on the computer that you are trying to run the netuse commands on
ClaudeWalkerAuthor Commented:
I am not using LPT1 because we are using a PCI LPT card and it defaulted to 3 so I left it that way.

Both computers are using LPT3 for that printer.

How would I set priveleges? Should I go into the advanced share section and add the computer that is trying to connect to wks-0060?

are you trying to use that net use command on the computer that the printer is installed on?
ClaudeWalkerAuthor Commented:
No I am using it on the person who is trying to connect to it (wks-0052).

Should I use it on the person who is connected to the printer? (wks-0060).

No, I was just making sure you were not. Did you try to print something from windows through windows to the printer to test the connection?
ClaudeWalkerAuthor Commented:
I'm thinking it has to do with the PCI LPT card.  It has two memory addresses (which I don't have in front of me) as well as it says never accept interrupts, I'm going to change it to accept interrupts.  I don't know if that means certain kinds of interrupts or actual interrupts which would require it to be a polling.
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