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I am using DLINK DIR-300 wireless G Router. I want to limit the internet bandwidth of some users based on their MAC address. How is this possible?
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If you just want to limit priority, the D-Link DIR-300 supports Quality of Service (QOS) so you could use that to prioritize bandwidth usage. While the info page for the DIR-300 shows a QOS feature (see the on-line manual doesn't mention it.  Perhaps it's a feature in an updated Firmware?
Another (and possibly better) option is 3rd party firmare.  For example, it's supported by DD-WRT which has more robust QOS rupport.  See   Of course, you have to be somewhat more computer saavy to load a 3rd party rom onto your router so this solution may not be for everyone.  
If you want to use a 3rd party firmware, take a look at as this gives several options if the DD-WRT doesn't fit your needs.
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