Partition table problem NTLDR missing


Have a user who used partition wizard to remove space from 1 partition and had it to another. Now the PC will not boot gives message NTLDR missing. I booted in recovery console and tried fixboot and fixmbr to no avail. Only one drive and OS on the system. Can see all the files and tried copying new NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM still  wont boot.

Now I booted with PTDD Super Fdisk to see if partition is active. Gives me partition table error. Gives me the option to go on a site to use partition table doctor. Prigram is not free so i am wondering is it really defective or is it a ploy for me to buy SW.

No error messages about partition table when trying to boot without this software. I have no more ideas on how to procede.. anybody got ideas, formatting and reinstalling Windows is not an option.

Thanks in advance
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When the installer offers you to use the recovery console pressing R go on with the installation. If the installer is able to detect the previous windows installation it will give you the choice to repair that windows installation. That will restore system files but will keep all the user data intact. You may need to reinstall some applications.
Try a windows repair using the windows install CD.
seaprAuthor Commented:
By repair to you mean recovery console  or  reinstall windows files?
seaprAuthor Commented:
Trying that, will let you know how it goes.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You can try Boot Corrector from Paragon Rescue Kit:
execute downloaded file and it will burn the CD itself.
All you need is blank CD and burning CD-ROM.
When ready boot the OS from this CD and select Boot Corrector. Use Find Windows Installations to correct. See if it finds any OS.
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