I have IIS running on 2003 server it gets service unavailable

I have IIS running on 2003 server , the end user claims there web site was running fine in October and now it gets service unavailable and I have created a test site and I get the same error I have created a new app pool and still get the same error , what shold I do next to troubleshoot ?
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AppOffline means
A service unavailable error occurred (an HTTP error 503). The service is not available because application errors caused the application to be taken offline.

Do you know if your application was taken offline? Was it running?

Make sure your website is assign to a valid app pool also.

It could have failed and been recycled normally you should no see a drop in service here. But make sure app pool logging is turned on.
kaos_theoryAuthor Commented:
if i look in the HTTPerror log i get

"AppOffline DefaultAppPool"
kaos_theoryAuthor Commented:
I removed and reinstalled IIS
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Praveen DMInfra Team LeadCommented:
Has the issue got resolved ?
kaos_theoryAuthor Commented:
yeah it is , i wonder what happned
Forgot to say also create a sepearte app pool for this site.
and disable rapid fail protection for this app pool it could be shutting down because of failures.
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