Visual Foxpro 7.0 training

Hi Brothers
Can Anyone help me in finding any visual foxpro video training?
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jrbbldrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with the above comments.

Here is the set of free Basic VFP videos that I recommend
They are viewable on-line or downloadable

They are not focused on VFP 7 but they are pretty generally applicable.

One piece of advice would be to stay away from using the VFP Development Wizards.  
They end up doing a good bit of the work for you and prevent you from actually learning how to develop in VFP.

As the others have recommended above, you should consider working in VFP9 instead of VFP7 if you possibly can since it has more capability.

Also, regardless of VFP version - while we are not here to do the work FOR you, we are here to help advise and/or assist you through the issues as you encounter them.

Good Luck

I don't think it is a good idea to start with VFP 7 now. If VFP then you should use VFP 9 SP2 released this April.

I would say better choice than video is a paper book. You can look at
I don't know video which could teach you or ensure successful use of development product like the Visual FoxPro is. It has hundreds of built-in functions and you'll need to find them, learn them, look at their parameters etc.

You should start with some FoxPro course or visit some FoxPro event near to your home ( You should install FoxPro, try it and write some small application before you attend some event. Then you may ask experts if something is unclear.

Some videos are here:,guid,2baba34c-ebd6-46a3-aabe-35a4d7348014.aspx,guid,d7d69274-d214-433b-9a41-ea1b760b92eb.aspx

This one I am not sure about:

CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data ScientistCommented:
After you get familiar with a bit of FoxPro, I strongly suggest you open the samples that are shipped with FoxPro specially

It has a variety of samples from controls to automation to graphs.

In my opinion and experience, FoxPro is the best development language there is. It has everything. Unlike .Net which is built on stuff here and there and pasted together with foreign glue. FoxPro has a database, sequential and OOP language, graphics, reporting, SQL interface and it is extremely fast in development and execution.
Cloud Class® Course: C++ 11 Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to C++ 11 and teach you about syntax fundamentals.

And hard to learn for beginners. But what's not.
CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data ScientistCommented:
Yes FoxPro is a bit hard to start with. There are tricks to make the application run smoothly and nicely. However, the control you get from FoxPro is vast.

Other languages are much easier to start with. But when you have ease of use, you have less flexibility, no?
Fully agree. I see it in Access. It is so user friendly and helpfull until you need to do something less standard...
jrbbldr, this seems to be a great VFP video set. Explanations are sometimes confusing and I could disagree (as in any other lesson) but it shows almost everything and the code is available, so you can work on it during the lesson. English is understandable.

Thanks for the post jrbbldr! I would suggest mary_87 has what he needs.
mary_87Author Commented:
I'm a god programmer and now studying php and good in visual basic and i know very basic fundamentals of VFP and I wish to get some useful videos

I wish to thank jrbbldr for these videos but as said pcelba is understandable so is there anything better?
Understandable English means "It is OK, I can understand it even when my mother's language is not English".

Could you please describe what exactly you need? With these videos and some books you can learn VFP very easily.

If you don't understand something or your VFP code does not work as you need then you may ask here as jrbbldr stated earlier.
Garfield Hudson has excellent videos. Very informative and thorough. In one video he mentioned doing a follow-up video but it was ultimately forgotten about, I emailed him about it and he created it within weeks. =]
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