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100 User Network - Part 2

Dear Experts

Continuing on from here:

So where do I start?  Which server is the first server to setup?
2 Solutions
Lets start with what you need from the network/server
>> 100 users are writing documents, sending email etc etc.

1. Do you need central authentication for each pc (AD) or will you be using local accounts ?
2. DHCP - automatic ip allocation  +  DNS - could be just forwarding.
3. Email - You could use gmail as your provider around $50/year
            - If you have your own server what is the requirements ?
            - Backups ?,  IMAP ?,   Web access
4. Web browsing - Proxy ?,  URL Filtering, Logging & Reports
5. Central storage for each pc (Home drive)
        - Backups ?
        -  Access control
       - Shared storage between pc's
6. Remote access from WWW ?  VPN

nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
You start with a set of requirements...

Internal/External (SAN/NAS) storage
Do/Don't allow for SPOF? (single point of failure)
How many servers?

Your requirements as in a "100 user network" is a bit vague.
[   Literary: buy (a) switch(es) with a little over 100 ports free &  some length of cable.  ]

Then design the solution onto the requirements (also specify any changes you aticipate..., if you expect 10 extra systems grow in a year also plan for 3-5 years of extra switch ports f.e. and some spare i.c. of failure).

then build it (either in one go ) or in incremental steps.
When building start with the core and work to the outer layers.

Power supply (redundant?, UPS?)
Network setup
Start with your infra structure (DHCP, DNS, LDAP, etc. Virtual Hosting systems)
Server nodes (file, mail ...)
Client nodes (...)

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