Is there a way to kick all connected VPN users or specific user?

I'm very very new to this Cisco firewall and VPN thing. so, any help is really great!

when I type in the following command:
ASA5510# show vpn-sessiondb webvpn
INFO: There are presently no active sessions of the type specified

which is fine cuz no one is able to connect via webVPN at the moment.

when I type the following command:

ASA5510# show vpn-sessiondb summary

Active Sessions:                        Session Information:
  IPSec LAN-to-LAN       : 1              Peak Concurrent        : 3
  IPSec Remote Access    : 0              IPSec Limit            : 250
  WebVPN                 : 0              WebVPN Limit           : 2
  SSL VPN Client (SVC)   : 1              Cumulative Sessions    : 20
  Email Proxy            : 0
  Total Active Sessions  : 2              Percent Session Load   : 1%

Active NAC Sessions:                    Cumulative NAC Sessions:
  Accepted               : 0              Accepted             : 0
  Rejected               : 0              Rejected             : 0
  Exempted               : 0              Exempted             : 0
  Non-responsive         : 0              Non-responsive       : 0
  Hold-off               : 0              Hold-off             : 0
  N/A                    : 0              N/A                  : 0

we have 2 WebVPN licenses but currently my co-worker is unable to connect to it. does anyone know why? also, by looking at "total active sessions" does that mean that i've exhausted my licenses? if so how can i tell who is currently logged in? how do i kick a specific user out or end their current session?

Thank you
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the above command is for site to site tunnel.

you need to use the below command in config t mode.
ASA-FW01(config)# clear vpn-sessiondb statistics webvpn

exec mode commands/options:
  all           All sessions
  email-proxy   Email Proxy sessions
  global        Global session data
  index         Index specific session
  ipaddress     IP Address specific sessions
  l2l           IPsec LAN-to-LAN sessions
  name          Username specific sessions
  protocol      Protocol specific sessions
  remote        IPsec Remote Access sessions
  svc           SSL VPN Client sessions
  tunnel-group  Tunnel Group sessions
  vpn-lb        VPN Load Balancing Mgmt sessions
  webvpn        WebVPN sessions

Its easy in ASDM.
Monitoring > VPN Staticsts > Session.

Hope this helps

#clear  crypto ipsec sa
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