Previewing reports in report builder 2.0

I'm having a big problem.  I have created several reports on a report server in report builder 2.0.   I am currently using an embedded data source.   at first I was able to preview my reports with no problem but now  when I go to preview my reports I'm getting this error saying
"This report cannot be run in report builder because it contains one or more embedded data sources with credential options that are not supported.  Instead of embedded data sources use shared data sources or save and view the report on the server."  I've creating a shared datasource but it's still not working.  Please help

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Auric1983Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Are the datasources setup to request credentials each time the report executes?

Two things to check.

Review the Documentation on the MSDN: 

And I'm not sure if this applies, but according to this blog there is a bug in Report Builder 2.0 >
dlavarAuthor Commented:
I set it up to not request credentials.
dlavarAuthor Commented:
I had to go back and create a  shared datasource from scratch.  That means deleting my datasource and everything.  and thus far everything is working.
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