Remote access to a Dell 1850

I have a dell 1850. From what I can tell it had a DRAC, but not one that I can pull up a remote terminal on. Seems to only do IPMI over serial.

My question is, how exactly do I get to the console?

I've tried over the LAN. It gets an DHCP address, but I can't connect over network. Not sure if I need some type of console box to realize the connection, but I'm not sure.


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it sounds like you have the Remote Access Card which is the default for the 8th gen servers, if you have a DRAC you can hit the ip from your web browser,  the drac is an additional card
kblackwelAuthor Commented:
Well then,

Do you know if it's possible to move the DRAC from a 2850 to a 1850?

the Drac 4 is the same for these 2 servers, should have no issue
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