Recommendation: installing Win 7 & 2GB DDR3 PC1333. Add more RAM?

Installing Win 7 64-bit OS. Presently running 2 GB of fast Geil DDR-3 PC-1333 with Vista 32-bit.
I checked the Performance Monitor while running a defrag. Program. Only 29% memory was being used.
So is there a valid reason for me to install 2 GB more of same memory?
I only do lite editing with Picasa & restore to Acronis True Image, so those are the only
memory intensive Programs.
Should I just stay with 2GB?
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It's not the PC's power supply where more RAM sticks causes loading problems.
It's the RAM Voltage and Vtt Regulators on the motherboard where the concern is.
- Doubling the number of sticks has a HUGE impact on them.

Pretty much no point to install Win7 64 unless you're using 4GB or more of RAM.

You want to check the peak memory usage to see how much memory you may actually be using.

One reason to install the extra RAM would be to disable the pagefile.  The pagefile swapping occurs on the hard drive and is slower than if your computer only needs to access the RAM.  The pagefile makes up for not having extra RAM, but you may notice some performance increase with the extra RAM.

You never state what your processor is.  What is it?  Also, what kind of motherboard are you running?  You don't necessarily need to buy the PC1333 as mixing and matching is okay (RAM will just run at the slowest speed out of all of the sticks of RAM).  However, unless you're overclocking, you're probably not even using the PC1333 to its fullest potential.
Anthony RussoCommented:
RAM is not very expensive nowadays either. You will notice a performance increase by adding an additional 2 gigs in there.

It really is up to you. If you are fine with the performance after using the system with 2 gigs, then you could leave it, but if you think it feels sluggish, then make the investment.

Good luck,

NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
If you ask me, if your hardware (CPU) supports it, I would go x64.
At first thought, you don't need more than 2GB of RAM, but memory really is in-expensive these days, so you can double your memory for a small amount of money.

I've recently got a new laptop from my company with 4GB of RAM, so 2-4GB is a standard today.

Also, as far as I know, Windows 7 is the last x86 or 32-bit OS, so go x64 and get used to it.
I have x32 and x64 Windows 7 experience and my subjective thought is that x64 works better and smoother, but hey, that's just me :)
jamesg1940Author Commented:
thank u all.
MOBO: Gigabyte P-45, CPU E8400 (3.GHZ); no problem cooling with multi- 120mm fans,
P/S Antec 550 Neo,  etc. presently running as I write @ 38C.
I do not O.C.
Anyway, yes RAM is cheap: I bought the Cl 6 Geil 2 X 1 GB for $69.00.
  Yes, I know that was a mistake as now to increase I have to:
1) sell this RAM on Ebay & buy 2 X 2GB
2) or add 2 more stick of  1GB RAM which in the past was not working well in the 4 slots
of a previous MOBO (Abit P35).

Do u not suggest I go that stupid route of 4 X 1 GB?

What do u suggest now? to decide?
Give the 2 additional same sticks a try?
Relax & enjoy my non-hyper state of Using with 2 X 1 GB?

At least, I have been confirmed that 64-bit was the choice to go with (for the future,
but I will be 70 yrs. of age on 1/16/09.

Bought this Win 7 for $110. Full ver. Premium with DVD delivered!

Yes, I like to buy my own Santa tech. presents. My wife hates PC's.

Thanks & happy holidays to u too,

Anthony RussoCommented:
Weigh out the cost differences in getting the 4GB RAM in 2 sticks or 4 sticks. It does not affect the speed in either instance. 2 x 2 or 1 x 4 will produce the same speeds, with all other things being equal.
jamesg1940Author Commented:
thank u, but 4 X 1 GB sticks draw more power. My P/S is adequate, as only one PCI-E vid card.
Anyway, I was advised in the past by OCZ that 4 X 1 is not the optimum.
I'll  check out returning the RAM I bought from Newegg & maybe a slight loss of restopcking fee $ will allow me to buy 2 X 4 GB. I'll get back to you all soon tonight.
Anthony RussoCommented:
Here is a great response to the 2 stick or 4 stick question:

Good luck,

James:  4x1GB doesn't draw that much more power... in fact, according to the Newegg power supply calculator it is only about 5 watts difference than having the initial 2 sticks.  (

I'm intrigued that you went from having 2x1GB in your setup, to thinking about doing 2x2GB or 4x1GB to thinking about doing a 2x4GB setup.

You don't have to buy matching branded RAM necessarily as long as your motherboard supports it.  You could get for $40 and just make sure its running on a different channel than the 2 sticks that you're already running in your machine.

The cheapest 2x1GB is $54.  Just make sure both of these are in 1 channel while the other 2 sticks of RAM are in the other channel.

For $84 you can get the 2x2GB kit and attempt to return your old memory.  

Personally I would just buy the 1x2GB stick for $40 and leave myself room to install another 2GB later if I so choose.
jamesg1940Author Commented:
Yes, I thought that there were factors as u reported that affected the performance. I have to teweek various BIOS settings to get the 4 X 1 GB memory to work, but raising the voltage was mainly the trick. Got to 2.1v on all 4 sticks to get the memory recognized as default  pc 1066. That was on the Abit P35. I pullled the 2 sticks & kept the 2 other sticks.
I was advised to go with 2 X 2GB, but didn't try/buy that route.
jamesg1940Author Commented:
Follow up Report on RAM :
 Running Win7 64-bit. with 2 X 1GB PC 1333MHz.

Gadget reports consistent 40- 45% +/- Usage with just web browsing,
And Win7  Performance Program indicates 5.6 score, whereas under
Vista 32-bit the score was 5.9 using this same memory.
Therefore, I am looking forward to receiving the 2 X 2GB memory
for a performance boost.

Conclusion: Win7 requires more RAM, especially under 65-bit.
ZBest Holidays to you,
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