Giving a user administrative privledges on a Windows 2003 Server DC

I have a user who has limited administrative right, but I need him to do some radius configuration.  The server is a DC.  I have him where he can login to the server via RDP, but he can't use the IAS MMC.  Can anyone tell me what I can do to get him full access to that MMC?
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I don't think it's possible to configure IAS without being an administrator.  All of the tasks listed here, for example, require you to log in as an administrator before you can perform them:

Since the IAS server is also a DC, there are no local user accounts, and the only way you can grant that user administrative access to the server is to make him a domain admin.
TPBPITAuthor Commented:
Looks liek you're correct.  Thanks for the research.
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