Antigen 9.0 using 50% cpu

I have antigen 9.0 and its using 50% of the cpu power constantly.  The customer wants me to uninstall antigen but everything im reading is for clusters and this is a stand alone svr.  Can anyone help me with how to uninstall this software from a stand alone system. and let me know what to possibly expect that might go wrong
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Burns2007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It's the same process as for a cluster, except you just do it on one server.  <-- antigen 9.0 w SP1 <-- Manual uninstall (no SP1)

Just ignore the stuff about passive nodes and the cluster administrator. You still need to remove it from add/remove programs nd just double check the reguistry keys.

SBrydenAuthor Commented:
had to stop the exchange svcs manually.  It uninstalled and there were no registry entries for regsync
SBrydenAuthor Commented:
any idea as to what would cause antigen to go crazy like that?
you need to install a hotfix from Microsoft
here is the link
Antigen 9.0 for Exchange with Service Pack 1 scan job processes use a large amount of CPU resources, and a scan job may fail
SBrydenAuthor Commented:
not sure how to give you points jqpd for answering my second if an admin sees this please give jqpd 500 points for answering my second question
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