"activate" button grayed out in "network configuration" window on Fedora 11;no connectivity

After installing Fedora Core 11, in the "network configuration"  window, the  profile status for device eth0 is "inactive" and the options for " activate" and "deactivate" are grayed out.   Even though I have logged on as root, they are still grayed out, so I can't get the  nic to activate.  I have assigned a public IP address to the interface. When I do a "service network status" command, it shows lo and eth0 as active. "Ifconfig" shows the loopback address but does not display the static IP address that I configured.  How can I get the "activate " button to work and how cna I get the system to recognize the static address that I have configred?  
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bradberAuthor Commented:
thanks xberry, I did a quick check and it looks like it may be helpful.  I'm leaving for the holidays. Will check upon return and award points if it solves the problem.
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