This is in AIX...I have siebel installed in one of th server...And we have added a siebsrvr instance to it

This is in AIX...I have siebel installed in one of the server..Its working fine...And we have added a new siebsrvr instance to the server..its comes up but after few minutes it eats up all the paging space from 13% to 100% within no time..and the server freezes..We had 16Gb of paging space ..We increased it to 26Gb ..but it still the same..What is the issue and how it can be resolved..Please provide me all the steps to troubleshoot and make it work..all the steps to troubleshoot.

We had the same 2 instances running on an other server..It works good...
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Anything new here? Did you try my suggestions?

please compare the siebsrvr settings at the faulting machine to those on a running machine.

It seems that you have set the parameters

Memory-Based Multithread Component Recycling to TRUE and
Process Memory Usage Limit to a well defined value at the working server
and missed to do this at the faulting one.

Sorry that I can't give you detailed instructions.
We don't have a Siebel instance running around here any more.

... the alias names for the parameters I mentioned are
MemoryBasedRecycle and MemoryLimit if I remember well.
aixtutorialAuthor Commented:
oh...The few things that i wanted to know are if you have any idea of it...the new instance was added yesterday..and it wasnt been there before and no users are using it.we bought that up it was using a lot of space so we have to bring it down agian..we tried twice but no luck ..any sugggestions that you can give us..Thanks a lot for quick response
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