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We have six (Windows 2003) print servers. Two of them are now experiencing a problem when you attempt to add a printer on your XP workstation which is hosted on either of those two print servers.  If you have administrative rights on those two print servers and access from your XP workstation with a regular user account, it prompts you for credentials. If you enter in your administrative account and Password, it adds the printer to your XP workstation. If you try your regular usera account (smart card acces) it failes with "Windows cannot connect to the printer. Operations could not be completed (error 0x0000052F). Access this computer form the network is set to everyone. Permissions on the printers are set the same as the functioning servers. Also, I created a folder on the desktop of the non-functional print server, shared it out to FC for everyone with everyone having FC Security and again, you can only access it with an account which has admin rights on that server.
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Libis_aka_DuskConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well you can try to reset file/registry permissions:

Please select the correct security template from MS article below.

On a domain controller, run
secedit /configure /db c:\windows\temp\seceditsv.sdb /cfg
"c:\windows\security\templates\DC security.inf" /log c:\windows\temp\seceditsv.log
On a non-domain controller, run
secedit /configure /db c:\windows\temp\seceditsv.sdb /cfg
"c:\windows\security\templates\setup security.inf" /log c:\windows\temp\seceditsv.log

For more detailed info on each security template check:;EN-US;816585
Do you have domain setup? Are they published in active directory and does have the proper access rights defined on AD objects? What is the vendor of printer and source of installed drivers on the server?
vannekAuthor Commented:
They are various printers, HP, RICHO, CANO N etc. They are published in AD and the rights to them are set correctly. If they get moved to one of the other print servers they work fine. Printers which get moved from the functional print server to either of these two become non-accessible. Even when I create a shared folder on either of these two servers and give everyone god rights to that folder it is only accessible if they access it with an account which is in the admin group on those two servers. It is a permissions issue but I have checked gepedit and all the servers look the same. I believe one of our admins was trying to secure "vulnerabilties" on the server. Unfortunately we can not figure out what setting (most likely registry) he set which disabled the ability for normal user accounts to access anything on these two servers.
vannekAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately we had to result to using this solution as it was the only one that got us back up and running. All the security hardening the admin had done, which most  likely caused this issue, we be redone wilth close supervision.
Thanks for the point in the right direction
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