Moving from 2003 to 2008

Hi All,

Currently i have 3 2003 servers.
DC, Exchange 2003, and file server.

I have 3 new boxes running 2008.

Im planing to move everything across to new servers. Since i dont have many users i have clean install and i have recreated all the users and folder structure. and created new domain that all workstaions will join.

Whjat would be the best plan to switch to new servers. Exchange etc.
At the moment i have 2 domains (new and old one ) running on

I have join 2 client to new domain and they can send and receive internal email. is it possible to check if exchange is configured properly for outside?

What would be best practise to switch to new exchange.
i was thinking to turn exchange off, use exmerge to export import pst's and point smtp to new IP.

any suggestions ?


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