DHCP service failed to see a directory server for authorization.

Hey All,

My company has a Server 2008 domain controller that is the primary DC as well as DNS, DHCP and File Sharing , ect.  I want to have a DHCP range  from to  When a client goes to DHCP however, they do not obtain an IP address.

The server 2008 box gives this error within the eventvwr:
The DHCP service failed to see a directory server for authorization.
Event ID 1059

I have tried the steps contained in the technet article about event is 1059 but these steps are not valid for my situation because the article states that this happens when the DHCP server cannot contact a domain controller via the network.  The DHCP server IS the DC.  

If it helps at all, when I ping the fully qualified domain name of the server from the server I get a reply from "::1:".  Im guessing this is IP v6.  Would this interfere with DHCP operations?  I have already disabled IPv6 on my network card...  HELP!

More info on demand.
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1) Please try to remove whole DHCP role and add it again with restart in the middle. Seems to be some dependencies are messed up. Also double check the domain login including realm and password are correctly set in.

2) I personaly prefer to deploy DHCP for LAN on some CISCO router like box (designated hardware) than windows server itself. Simply because where you can integrate the network layer service and control all of them from single point. Also security could be easily enforced from this place also as network level authentication and VPN. It can be integrated via NAP server with windows AD/RADIUS auth. Also in the software there is always much more things that could mess up, like in this case :-)

1) Did you tried to deathorize and reauthorize?
2) Please check DNS configuration if DC is awailable in ping dc.somewhat.local and responds
3) any 3rdparty/MS firewall active on interface? Are the rules to exclude DNS traffic and DHCP traffic included?

djnubbAuthor Commented:

I have not tried to reauthorize. will try that tomorrow.  Yes, the ping to the FQDN responds but, as included in the description of the question, the response comes back as "Reply from ::1:"

No, firewall is turned off both the server and the dhcp client.

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Please try the steps in the following link and post back your results.


djnubbAuthor Commented:
jeff 01:
 These steps don't seem to apply to me as they are designed to troubleshoot connectivity issues between a domain controller and a DHCP server.  In this case, my DHCP server is the same server as my domain controller.  If this is not best practice, please just let me know.

When I try to unauthorize, it gives me the error: "Parameter is incorrect".  I now feel there is something wrong with the DHCP software on this computer.  Let me know if you come up with anything!
djnubbAuthor Commented:
I decided to swallow my microsoft pride and use our cisco 1841 for dhcp operations.  Works great!
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