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Veritas Symantec Backup 12.5 RDX


Having used veritas backup for many years with tapes, I am about to use it with an HP RDX (HDD based) backup.

I am asking this question as a means of saving myself time by trying several options.

First off, what is the best way to setup the RDX device in backup exec. Start with Backup-to-disk wizard? Should I select removable?

I have used the limited windows sbs2008 backup and I love how I can select full backup, the software looks at the drive and only backs up changes that have been made to the existing files on the HDD. How can I do something simialer with rotating HDD in backup exec.

Just to clarify. The first time I run a backup it would take a while as the first HDD would be empty. The next time I use the same HDD in my rotation it would see that the data is already present and only backup the changed files.

My understanding from incremental etc is that I may end up with a full on one drive and the incrementals on another. I would like the backup exec software to look at the drive first, so it would be incremental to the loaded media only. Not overall.

Hope this makes sense.

1 Solution
That doesn't work with BE. It simply does not care which media is loaded. It will backup incremental from what is stored in his catalog. Not from what is stored on the target media.
You should always select removeable if the backup program will see a different storage when it backups the next time. That has something to do with the clean up processes which deletes old backups and with the media management which keeps track of different harddrives.
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