Shared Printer Queue gets Stuck either Spooling or Printing through Terminal Services

We have a Small Business Server 2008 acting as a Print Server sharing out an Toshiba e-STUDIO 281c and a Brother laserjet printer.  Printers are connected via the network with static ip addresses.

Some print jobs work fine - but occasionally, a print job will get stuck disabling anyone from printing after that.  Only after restarting the Print Spooler service on the SBS can users start printing again (until another job gets stuck again).

This is not a client redirected printer, so I'm not convinced a 3rd party solution like screwdrivers will make any difference.  

Printers are being added using Server 2008's Group Policy Preferences.
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Andrew DavisConnect With a Mentor ManagerCommented:
allmost certainly a print driver issue... common with 2008 and vista.
delete all your printers and relinstall them, check for updated drivers. i have seen this issue where you need to restart the spooler every few minutes and check the event logs which will possibly show you that the spooler is falling over. Bloody driver ;(

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