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I'm preparing a pdf document as part of my admin responsibility. I want to create a Table of Contents in the pdf and have user click on any section of the TOC and be able to go to the page number mentioned in TOC. Can anybody assist me in setting it up? I have the complete adobe acrobat professional and I'm able to create bookmarks but don't know how to create a TOC that is drillable to the page numbers.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Open the PDF in Pro and use the 'Tools>Advanced Editing>Links' Tool to create links to the individual pages. Draw a link box over the page number or whole line entry and set the destination to be 'Go to page view' and select the 'Invisible Rectangle' link type.

Click Next. Follow the onscreen instructions. The destination is set by scrolling to the page or selecting it from the page panel on the left.

Repeat for all content entries.

Karl Heinz KremerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The captain is right, that's the way to do it, but you may not have a page with the actual TOC information yet. You can crate that either directly in Acrobat with the TouchUp Text tool (Ctrl-Click to create new text), or preferably create that in your word processor.

If you have the document in Word already, just use the PDFMaker (that is the PDF icon on the toolbar) to create the links for you.
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