First-Generation Playstation 3 Video and Boot Issues

I have a first-generation 20 GB Playstation 3. When I turn it on, it appears to start up, but the video is heavily distorted (attached image). However, my problem isn't only the video distortion because the PS3 doesn't understand input coming from the controller (I can't blindly navigate the XMB when it's on).

Twice I've been able to fully launch the OS - once I even updated the firmware to the most recent version. Most times I see a blank screen with the distortion. Occasionally my TV receives no input.

To test if it was a hard drive issue, I switched the current hard drive for the original drive the system came with (which still had the OS installed), but the same problem persisted.

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this problem?
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hgetsonAuthor Commented:
It's not a simple video output problem, and I'm pretty sure it has to do with the motherboard. I've decided to take it in for repair. Thank you for your help.
Lets try a couple of troubleshooting things:

Option 1
1) Power off the PS3 from behind.
2) Now just Flip the switch to turn on the PS3
3) Hold down the Power button on the front of the PS3 for 5-10 seconds or until you hear it beep.

Option 2
1) Try using an alternative video cable. If you are connecting via HDMI, use a different HDMI cable
2) Try using an alternative video source. If you are connectiving via HDMI, try connecting via Component or S-Video

Option 3
1) Try to connect the PS3 to another TV

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