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Need work around for gigabyte gbb36x driver issue for Windows 7 upgrade?

I am trying to upgrade my 64-bit Vista Business to 64-bit Windows 7 Professional (I can not do a clean install, must do upgrade).
I have made numerous attempts to upgrade using the install disk; but after several hours it just rolls back to Vista Business.
When I ran the Compatibility Check - it says that my gigabyte gbb36x controller is not compatible; but I have downloaded the 64-bit, Windows 7 driver from the manufacturers website.

How can I manually upload the driver prior to / during the upgrade installation?

Or is there a better way to do solve this issue?

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1 Solution
New drivers were posted by JMicron (the actual company that makes the chip) 2 days ago.  You should use these

This is a XP, Vista, and 7 driver (32 and 64 bit).  You can upgrade your current driver, and then run the compatibility check again. Even if it fails the test, the actual upgrade will go through (as long as that was what was causing it not to finish).

Unzip the download and run "Setup.exe".  That should automatically update the driver for you. If it doesn't, you may have to manually do it.

1. Open device manager (right click on my computer, choose manage, click on device manager on the left side)
2. Under "storage controllers", you will see the GBB36X listed.  Right click on it and choose "update driver software".
3. Make sure your driver is unzipped, and point the update driver wizard to where it was extracted.
4. It will most likely come up as "JMB36X" (JM is for JMicron, GB is for Gigabyte). Keep following the menus through until it finishes.
5. Reboot and try the upgrade again.

Good luck!
Access57Author Commented:
Thanks, upon further investigation this morning, I have determined that the latest gigabyte driver ( do not work (as soon as I would reboot, it would rollback to the previous version).  I am trying the JMicron drivers and will respond in about 3 to 4 hours (points are yours if it works, if not, more questions! but I am exuberently optimistic)
Access57Author Commented:
Okay - I have downloaded the 1.17.53 drivers from JMicron, installed it using setup.exe, rebooted to confirm they are in place, and upgraded to Windows 7 Professional.

After 5 hours, it literally finished a minute ago and I still have, wait for it, Vista Business!!!

I have access to a Microsoft engineer and I am in the process of confirming (through the setupact.log file) that it crapped out due to the controller driver.  I will post a fix when I know something - but at this point, I am pretty sure I just have to wait until JMIcron fixes the driver.

In the meantime, I appreciate your guidance in this matter.  Thank You.
Access57Author Commented:
IMPORTANT - Please note the following:

I have successfully updated to 64-bit Windows 7 Professional from 64-bit Vista Business with help from a Microsoft engineer
When I tried to update my system, it would run for several hours and restore my original system with a very non-descript error message saying my previous system was restored. When I ran the Upgrade Advisor, the primary indication was that Gigabyte/JMicron Controller was not compatibile. But the root problem was actually the Intel Matrix Storage not updating correctly.

The latest driver from the mobo manufacturer,, dated 29Sep09, it does work correctly.

The problem was not obvious, but analysis of the upgrade log files indicated that my system crashed from the Intel Matrix Storage. (Upgrading Vista to Windows 7 fails with error 0xc0000359 and reference to iastor.sys see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2008373) I used the latest driver from the mobo manufacturer, which was version, dated 11Aug09.

FYI - I have a P35 with an ICH9R mobo with 8 HDD's & 1 DVD. The DVD is on the PATA Controller; the first 2 HDD are on the Gigabyte/JMicron controller running in RAID1 (Mirror) with my C Drive/OS and applications; and, the remaining 6 HDD are on the Intel controller running RAID5 (Parity) with all of my data.

Hope this helps.

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