Sonicwall Routing Between VPN Sites

We have two sites, site A has a fibre connection to the internet that is presented as an ethernet port. Site B has a connection to site A that runs over our provider's fibre network.

So at Site A we have two ethernet sockets, one that gets access to the internet and another that gets us access to Site B.

We've purchased a sonicwall TZ210 at each site. At site A we have a TZ210 with the internet fibre connection plugged into the wan port, and Site B is plugged into one of the lan ports on the TZ210 at site A.

Down at Site B, their connection to Site A is plugged into the WAN port.

Everything works fine, but when Site B accesses network resources at Site A, their traffic is getting NAT'd.. which would make sense seeing that is how the sonicwall would be default set up.

So how do we disable the NAT on the sonicwall at Site B so that their internal traffic is not NAT'd?
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DjAriochConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok so you have a point to point link between the sites.

How do the devices at Site B get IPs, dhcp from the router at Site B or from another device? If Site B is getting an IP from Site A and then giving out IPs to devices it has to NAT, or you would need to setup a default route at Site B so that devices looking for a specific subnet, i.e. Site A would go directly to it.

Can you post the config of Site B?
I am assuming you have a static IP on both sites. Do you have a point to point connection setup between the two sites?

Sounds like the device at site B does not distinguish between traffic going out, it just sees an external connection going out and NATs it accordingly
ahollingAuthor Commented:
Site A has a static IP but since site b has no direct Internet access (they get it through site a) it has no ip. Our provider said " just think of it as a long Ethernet cable between the two sites, just don't plug it into your switch male sure the traffic is routed."
ahollingAuthor Commented:
There was a NAT policy left there that shouldn't have been there. You probably needed to be intimately familiar with Sonicwall specifically to have answered the question exactly but you were on the right track.

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