Using IIS7 URL rewrite to create SEO friendly URLS


i'm just trying my hand at using the URL rewrite module in IIS7 and i'd like to know if the following is possible, and how to define the rule if it is... i'm using classic ASP if that makes any difference...

in my site i have links like this : Product

this passes the id and the name of the product to the products detail page...

ideally i'd like to leave my links in my site as they are, but when clicked on they appear something like this in the address bar : Product

is this possible? is this how the URL rewrite works? is this sort of url that much better for search engines?

thanks in advance for any advice



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Yes, URL Rewrite is a great solution for this.

Someone would type in the URL Product  and the URL Rewrite module will translate that to Product.

Have a look here for details on how you can achieve this:

There is a belief that search engines index static URL's a lot easier compared to dynamic ones (eg with querystrings in the URL).  Although of course no one knows for certain  :)
dog_starAuthor Commented:
excellent link, thank you very much
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