what is the minimum HW requirements for running an HD movie from a notebook to a LCD screen

I want to buy a small laptop that can easily use as a media player for my LCD.
I stumbled on Lenovo S12 2959-KUG.
It is a 12 inch notebook with an HDMI exit
Main features:
Processor: Intel® Atom" Processor  N270 1.6GH
Graphic accelerator: NVIDIA ION MCP79
Storage: 320GB SATA 5400rpm
Exits: HDMI, USB 2.0 x 2 ,VGA, Audio

My question is: can i use this laptop to play HD mobies with an HDMI connection to my LCD?
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
An Atom CPU is NOT capable of reliably decoding H.264 video -- and most of the Netbooks that use it are not equipped with video adapters that can do this decoding in hardware.   But the nVidia ION is an exception => it does a nice job of displaying at 1080p, and includes hardware decoding support for H.264, which helps a lot in reducing the CPU requirements. But it's questionable whether it helps enough to reliably play high bit-ray H.264 content.

The French article referenced above shows a 30+% CPU utilization with the hardware encoding support on the ION for H.264 at 18mb/s bit rates. Note that BluRay movies (and other high-action H.264 content) can easily hit 40-45 mb/s bit rates -- and the article does not test video at these rates.

Bottom line: The system you asked about will work very well for standard DVDs and low-bit-rate HD, but you may encounter significant "stuttering" on high-bit-rate encodings. Based on your comment "... if it would work also 80% of the time, its good enough for me... " I'd say it will be fine for your needs.
your config is ok for Divx but for HD movies I would recommend at least a core duo proc and a graphic card which support HD VC-1 (minimum : ATI HD2600 or nvidia 8400)
InsProfAuthor Commented:
Hi greg,
do you mean that it is not possible, or
when playing HD movies  it would stammer  and sometimes would not responde, etc.
if it would work also 80% of the time, its good enough for me...

sorry for the mistake, this is a brand new architecture, so I had to look further.
found a link (sorry but it's french) to confirm :

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