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Granting someone access to our SBS 2008 for remote backup


Hope someone can help me. I have begun administering a server for a customer and today they have someone visiting to setup remote backup on the server. I need to give the guy a logon but want to give him only the minimum necessary rights. I appreciate you don't know exactly what might be involved but is there likely to be a way to do this without giving him full blown admin access?

Thanks in advance..
2 Solutions

If he is intended to install something then you have to give him modification rights at least power users. What I normally do in these kind of case that I create a new user assign him rights(even admin) to user and then join RDP session with him and then go through with installation.

So the important thing for you is join session with him and monitor.

Faraz H. Khan
Best practices require the backup account runs as a seperate account. You could create an account say called backup_remote and grant the account local logon rights. The person can then log on with this account to carry out the task. Only problem is if the installation requires any admin priveledge during install, then you would have to grant the account the require priveledge.

You could also use logmein,teamviewer,vnc  that way you could remotely log in as admin for this user and actually monitor the session


wiggum83Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies. I assumed this would be the case. The problem is, I'm going to be on another job and can't be onsite or remote in while he carries out the work. I'm going to setup an account with full access and ensure a member of staff is present to verify what's been done. I'll then change the password for the account tonight.

Thanks for the logmein suggestion too. I use it regularly! :)

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