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Linked Mailbox issue with Exchange 2007 and Segregated Address List

Okay environment is Virtual Server 2008 Exchange 2007 standard sp1.

I succesfully setup segregated address list and autodiscovery.

The issue I am having is with linked Mailbox's.

All works fine with OWA.

But when I try to connect via outlook it cannot see that maillbox.

I've tried re-enabling the disabled user account.
Checked that the user is in the GAL with the other "user mailbox" accounts. (which work perfectly fine and are visible in the list when querying the mail server)
Tried exporting autodiscovery to the other domain, didn't work.
(spent hours trawling google)

I thought it may be an issue with the default GAL but it is working fine for the other mailbox types.

I am leaning towards an attribute that is hiding it from the list when an outlook client query the mailbox list.

Anyone got any ideas?


Zong Chan

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2 Solutions
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Humm ... look one thing go to EMC and properties of the Mailbox and check if "Hide from address book" is checked or not ?? Nothing wrong with Autodiscover
zippy_paulAuthor Commented:
yeah I have checked that also and that is not checked.
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
So you say it should show up in OWA in GAL but is not showing .....
Can you also be more discriptive what we want, as i thought of something else
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zippy_paulAuthor Commented:
Everything works fine through OWA.
It shows up in its GAL in OWA, and also shows in its Address List via EMC.
The issue is when I try to connect to the linked mailbox with Outlook it says there is no such mailbox in the address list.
With a normal user mailbox it works fine.
Also previously before applying segregated address list, it found "linked mailbox"''s.
Now when setting up an Outlook Profile it does not find the linked mailbox in the address list.
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Ohk now one thing that the Original AD account is Disabled so you cannot create a Outlook for that .... but would have a associated AD account in another Domain try working with that .... Which user and server do you provide while checkname in Outlook ??
Normal user would work fine because the AD account is enabled ..
Look it more depends how your Address list filters have been set and do they update the OAB with the same for Outlook cache mode users ?? As its Exchange 2007 what is the Exchange version and Outlook client version you are using ??
zippy_paulAuthor Commented:
Been using the resource domain exchange server and mailbox name on the resource side.
tried using the user resource credentials but it doesn't work.
well the segregated address list removed all default address lists and removed authenticated users from the default permissions of the GAL and AL folders.
then the AL filters by a custom attribute of each user this is the basis for the OAB and the GAL of that company.
The exchange version is 8.1 build 240.6. Outlook is 2007 SP2
zippy_paulAuthor Commented:
okay figured this one out.
I found segregated address list will not work with linked mailbox's as they are logged in using another forest / domain account, which I could not find a way to add them to the Universal Group which is used to apply permissions that allow for the segregated address list.
zippy_paulAuthor Commented:
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